Scaling First-Party Data

Every year marketers look out for new trends that would work for them in digital space. Sometimes some ideas are real trendsetters and that does not mean that there is no scope of error, that’s inevitable! Data in Marketing has been crucial every year for digital marketers and rightly so, as it has always shown it’s benefits and results. Now, with growing use and influence of giants like Google and Meta (formally known as Facebook), the future is not far wherein these giants will be holding the monopoly card in the data world.

It’s 2022 and only a matter of time that Google will phase out their third-party cookies programme which means, this is the year where the digital marketers have to pull up their socks and have a Data-bank of their own. It is highly recommended for businesses to compile first-party data of their consumers in order to continue to have a hold over the advertisements and digital marketing space in the coming days.

What can you do?

As advised by Dan Close, CEO of We Buy Houses in Kentucky “Make sure your campaigns in 2022 assist you to create first-party data so you don’t have to rely on others’ data as much”. There are several ways businesses can go about gathering their consumer data, however digitally, you could gather first-party subscriber data through email, newsletters, social media, and CRM tools. Also, let us not underestimate the power of data we can get through online surveys and other interactions.

How does this help?

Personalisation is the very backbone of digital marketing, especially in 2022. We have seen how influencer marketing has targeted the right audience and helped business throughout industries in the last half-decade. Personalisation with innovative digital marketing tools and tactics, together help the marketers achieve their goals. Also, a humane touch enhances customer experience and builds brand loyalty by establishing strong relationships by connecting with their target audience.

There are going to be many digital marketing trends to come and go in the future but we can all agree that Data is here to stay and hence it is important to play by the rules of the internet and yet be independent to run your show. Data war is coming and it is real, let us bootstrap and run to the finish line.

About Author: Asmita Nikalje is an experienced Business Executive with history of working in outsourcing / offshoring industry. Skilled in Customer Support, Travel Coordination and Online Support, she is a strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management from Amity University.

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