Metaverse’s role in making businesses more sustainable.

Metaverse and business

In one of our earlier article, we discussed on Metaverse being poised to change the way we do business, shop, play and meet people.

An immersive experience is provided by metaverse through creation of avatars using which you will be able to move seamlessly into virtual reality environment. Users will be able to walk, drive, fly, meet, and travel anywhere just like we do today in the physical world. This technology is accessible to all and isn’t monopolistic.

In this immersive sphere, businesses would be able to leverage employee engagement and collaboration to increase productivity and delivery, which in turn enhances customer satisfaction.

Building their infrastructure in the metaverse will allow local businesses to be globally present without breaking the bank. According to Gartner, “By 2026, 30% of the organizations in the world will have products and services ready for metaverse.”

Metaverse also provides cost savings to companies and contributes to green business practices. Avatars can help employees meet clients instead of traveling hours from one place to another. Businesses will refrain from investing heavily in the physical infrastructure because metaverse will provide alternate virtual framework.

With the adoption of this emerging technology, the decision-making process will be simplified, and you can save time and money in business ventures that require physical presence. Customers would be able to have better understanding of the business model before making the investment. Likewise, use of virtual assets and services before making the purchase decision would be possible. For instance, a traveller can make decision by taking a walkthrough of hotels / destination before booking. Demonstrations and simulations of products in Metaverse will be more engaging and will enhance the customer experience.

Not only creating an experience but, Metaverse will allow businesses to solve traditional problems in varied means. However, the leaders in every organisation have to give the team necessary guidance and freedom to explore and develop the best solution that suits the corporate strategy.

Metaverse may seem far-off, but it’s already here and will change the business dynamics, making them much more sustainable and valuable.

About Author: Manav Chugh is a seasoned marketing professional managing customer engagements for SME and large enterprises.

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