Meeting the Dead…lines

Deadline is a word that acts as a motivation for some while it creates anxiety in few. When too many things are on platter, the simplest way is to prioritise the task based on value, urgency and importance associated with each task. I’m sure we are all well-equipped on how to categorize tasks based on their importance.

But in today’s “ASAP” culture, you can’t keep aside one task and focus on another because everything is urgent.

So how will someone manage things effectively? Simply put, one needs to be smart before burnout sensation and stress catches up. There are multiple methods to help manage deadlines successfully without inducing stress.

Here are few simple hacks that one can use to manage the deadlines.

Importance over Time: We often prioritise work based on their timelines. However more efficient way of prioritising tasks should be on the basis of importance and the value that work brings along.

Evaluating the Consequences and Results: The end result of finishing the activity should be considered while prioritising the work. If finishing an in-hand project will open doors to new avenues, the priority should be given to it over the others.

Communication & Transparency: Clear communication regarding the work allotted plays a crucial role in accomplishing the same on time. Instead of assuming and working twice on the same activity, it’s better to clarify the same with stakeholders and get things moving.

Irrespective of following all guidelines and trainings, meeting deadline has never been easy and is an art that is learnt over time. Once mastered, one will be able to manage time effectively and their career can fast-track onto a whole new level.

Do you get motivated by the deadlines? Let us know!

About Author: Manav Chugh is a seasoned marketing professional managing customer engagements for SME and large enterprises.

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