LinkedIn – “The New Creator’s Platform”

The instant we hear “Content Creator”, we tend to visualize InstagramTik-tok or even Meta, formally known as Facebook. While no doubt these platforms are doing a great job at engaging audiences and growing small businesses, there is also silent growth in the number of creators, sharing knowledge and growing connections on another social media platform i.e LinkedIn.

Having completed almost 19 years since its inception on 5th May 2003, LinkedIn has almost 740 million members with over 55 million registered companies. Linkedin being available in 24 languages, makes it a perfect platform for creators around the globe to reach their audience with almost 76% of the users being outside of the USA. The average age of 59% of LinkedIn users is between 25 and 35 years, hence don’t let the young creators’ growth surprise you on this professional networking platform.

Content creation on LinkedIn has increased by 60% in 2020 and many young creators have realized the importance of good and educational content on Linkedin. These creators are not shy to write about their constructive experiences and at times even to drop into the DM’s of the influencers in the business world.

There are some exceptionally good creators, making extremely helpful content by exchanging thoughts on learning and networking. Many have garnered huge following and appreciation along with landing some great job opportunities, just by simply doing the best of what they do as creators, only on Linkedin. To name a few, creators like Varun BosmiaDivyanshu Damani, and many others have carved a niche and helped their followers grow with the right content.

Linkedin has realized the potential of Influencers and Creators on their platform and to encourage more creative output and engagement, Linkedin launched a new “Creator Mode” feature in 2021. This replaces the ‘Connect’ button with the new ‘Follow’ button making it easier for users to be up to date with their favorite content creators and industry insights.

While the future of content creation looks bright and promising for the creators, the question still lingers that how is Linkedin going to monetize this for the platform and the creators?? Is this quick rise in creators going to see new heights or a downward spiral?, only time will tell. 

About Author: Asmita Nikalje is an experienced Business Executive with history of working in outsourcing / offshoring industry. Skilled in Customer Support, Travel Coordination and Online Support, she is a strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management from Amity University.

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