How to leverage In-person engagements.

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Recently, there’s a noteworthy jump in the number of communities & organisations hosting their in-person meetings and events. All these are seen after the pandemic lost its sheen and things looking good to go normal. Though the circumstances forced many brands to go digital and focus more on virtual marketing, organisations are now capitalising on in-person engagements to humanise their brands.

And the reason for this back-swing is clear! How often have you built relationship with a brand or individual while attending virtual or digital event or a meeting? Could you really leverage the opportunity to understand your audience and convey what you strongly believe in? It is believed that events or any form of in-person engagements can be the key to, build, nurture meaningful relationships in gaining credibility and trust. It is a source of inspiration from market leaders, colleagues or even from industry peers. It is believed that businesses can create more impactful opportunities and reach more potential customers in face-to-face meetings compared to screentime.

Here’s a quick tip, When you attend any events, instead of distributing business cards indiscriminately during networking sessions, take advantage of the time offered to establish long-term, meaningful conversation with potential business partners. Being assertive without being aggressive is best. Try discussing your mutual interests and goals rather than hard-selling. Focus on making strong connections and don’t forget to leave a lasting impression. You’ll be representing your company and yourself.

If you don’t do your homework on the people with whom you plan to connect, or if you don’t establish clear with well-defined goals, going to events and meetings is a waste of time and money. If you want to stay connected with your niche community, attend only closed-door and invitation-only events.

One of the most obvious reasons for attending in-person engagement is to present your work to others. The act of presenting allows you to gain a broader perspective on your work as you can ask questions that will allow you to think differently about your project. You can get feedback on your work from people who have not seen it before and who may provide new perspectives.

While everyone have their own reasons, attending in-person meetings can significantly enhance your professional and personal growth and provide you with tools and skills that you can’t learn in-house or online. You can dig deeper into your topic of interest during an event because of the focused nature of learning.

Given the take-aways from in-person meetings, would you be ready to invest your time and effort to take advantage of in-person meetings or continue with the digital experience for short term goals. What’s your take on the power of digital platforms v/s face-to-face engagements?

About Author: Manav Chugh is a seasoned marketing professional managing customer engagements for SME and large enterprises.

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