How 5G will shape up Marketing?

Fifth-generation cellular networks have the potential to be 100X faster than current and ongoing 4G networks. 5G isn’t just a new generation of mobile networks; it has the power to transform the world by creating never before seen opportunities for people & networks.

5G services will work on the 5G spectrum, which refers to the radio frequencies that carry data from user equipment (UE) to cellular base stations to the data’s endpoint. Network operators will be able to use certain radio frequencies licensed to them by the government through spectrum auctions. And TRAI is holding this spectrum auction in May-June this year which will eventually speed up the implementation of this tech revolution.

But how would 5G truly help marketers to shape up their game? According to a salesforce survey, more than 90% of marketing professionals worldwide expect 5G to have an impact on their industry over the next decade. The 5G digital era will change the marketing demography significantly making it mandatory for every organisation to build strong digital presence.

Needless to mention, new age Marketers already are prepping up to elevate the user experience with the help of 5G and through more engaging content. In some regions, technical limitations such as sluggish networks or disruptions have always made it difficult for marketers to deliver quality media, entertainment and advertising experience. With the entry of 5G network it is presumed to change the ease of delivering content.

In addition, 5G will help the marketers to serve interactive and immersive experiences across devices. For example seamless implementation of VRAR and extended reality (XR) even in mobile devices, delivering sensory experiences like touch, enabling the adoption of immersive Metaverse etc. These will be possible due to the stability & reliability in the connection even in the crowded spaces. It will also enable marketers to collect more precise data that would help them customise their offering, creating a win-win for both.

However there are still challenges that marketers would face when it comes to adoption of 5G by masses. In an interview with Business Standard, Mr Gopal Vittal, CEO of Airtel said – At present only around 3-4% of smartphones in the country are 5G-enabled. However, these numbers are expected to go up to 10-12% by next March.

To achieve the dream of 5G enabled India, even the smartphone manufacturers will play a pivotal role by producing 5G-capable and affordable handsets in future.

Despite the challenges, one thing is for sure that 5G is coming and it will fast pace not only our professional but also personal lives as well.

About Author: Manav Chugh is a seasoned marketing professional managing customer engagements for SME and large enterprises.

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