5 Ways To Incorporate Leisure Travel and Maintain Work-Life Balance.

“Travel makes you realize that no matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn.”

Nyssa P. Chopra

There might not be a single soul on this planet who wouldn’t like exploring nature’s beauty and the marvels of the world or simply taste a different cuisine while letting the soul wander on its own. While most of us wish to live a life wandering like the scholars and travelers of the past, the modern world makes it difficult to leave the shackles of comfort and luxury of our homes behind us.

Hence most of the modern generation professionals have come up with ways to fulfill their desires while still not losing sight of making a life, building a home, and standing up to family responsibilities. Some of us have acquired the unconventional way of earning while traveling full time but this article is for those majority who are working in sectors different from travel but yet long to spread their wings in all directions

  1. Similarize yourself with Workation:

With the Pandemic, we experienced a lot of changes in our lives, but the biggest shift came in the way we work. With strict precautionary measures, to be safe from Covid-19 we stayed indoors for an oblivious time. Soon the small corners in our homes were changed to office desks and marked the start of a new style of work – Work From Home (WFH). If you are one of those lucky ones who are still working from homeland have the flexibility to continue, then this is your time to make the most of it. Multiple doors are opened and new places are constructed in every part of the world to accommodate the ever-growing need for Workations. These workstation properties, provide you high-speed internet, lodging requirements, and great views at an affordable cost. Most of these properties are also pet-friendly hence feel free to travel the world with your paw-fect friends.

2. Plan your vacation at the start of every year:

This option looks the easiest but is even more difficult to achieve. However, just like most things, nothing is impossible if you put your mind to it. Let the new year be another reason for celebration by making and sticking to a resolution you’d love to keep. Every 1st week of March, check the number of leaves you could club at a time to enjoy that extended mini-vacation of the year. (Tip: Always keep a few sick leaves aside for emergencies, before and after the trip in the same year.) Once the leaves are counted, look for your favorite get-away this year, which could be national or international, no stress. Take a week or a little more to explore destinations online and plan with friends and family or even solo. Jot down a plan, the itinerary, the spend, the visa application process (if international) etc. Now, waiting for this execution is what gets difficult. We suggest, give those weekend parties and nights out a little backseat to be able to spend more and enjoy more on those mini-vacations.

3. Look for opportunities at work to travel

We don’t realize but even the best man needs a helping hand. Constantly doing path-breaking work can show your peers the capabilities you got to make important decisions while always being on your toes. This increases your chances not only for the yearly increment but also opens doors for many important professional responsibilities such as travel for client acquisition, business meetings, conferences, etc in another state or country. While no doubt you will be exceptionally good at your job, try to finish the work in the early part of the day so you can spend the rest of the day exploring the town, doing a quick adventure activity, or simply enjoying the Spa in your boutique hotel.

4. Utilize the long holidays combined with the weekends

This option is for those wandering souls who find it difficult to stick to their cubicles just for one vacation a year. Well, we truly believe that with a little passion and planning, one can enjoy more than one mini-vacation in a year. We’re lucky to be a multi-cultured nation for many reasons, and one of those reasons is the number of National holidays we get every month (except June) in every year. Simply club these National holidays with the nearest weekend and if required then with 1 or 2 leaves and you are ready for those great adventures waiting for you!

5. Prioritize your expenses

Everything is hunky-dory while dreaming of those exotic, fun-filled holidays but at the moment of truth, the budget can be a real deal-breaker. Hence it is of utmost importance to plan and prioritize finance management from the start. For example, book the flight tickets at least 3 months before the trip, this helps you get a better price compared to last-minute bookings and save money to be able to spend on an impromptu shopping spree on holidays instead of on those late-night food takeaways. Little habits go a long way.

We hope these tips help you achieve your work-life balance while fulfilling your desire to travel and explore. After all, Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer in experience, wisdom, and knowledge!

About Author: Asmita Nikalje is an experienced Business Executive with history of working in outsourcing / offshoring industry. Skilled in Customer Support, Travel Coordination and Online Support, she is a strong administrative professional with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Tourism and Travel Services Management from Amity University.

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